Spandex swimwear for men

I am thrilled that so many guys are now getting into wearing spandex men’s swimwear fashions. The different styles are really quite amazing. I prefer to go totally micro wearing just enough fabric to barely cover the family jewels. Here in Los Angeles it is pretty much anything goes and I have used completely sheer G-strings, swimwear designs with built in plugs and cock rings along with penis shaped suits and even on occasion male to female transformation style suits. My go to spandex men’s swimwear designs is a micro thong and I will generally wear a tiny pair of micro shorts as cover-ups when I am walking from my car to the beach which at times can be a few blocks or more. The short shorts I wear show a lot of cheek and are skin tight. You can’t wear these types of swimsuits without understanding you are going to garner a lot of attention. I actually get more attention from women than from men that said when I am wearing my G-string and walking with friends more often than not girls I get hit on from men all the time. I understand that wearing these suits that leave you almost completely nude on our very busy beaches can be thought of as sexual by many men. For me it is all about being an exhibitionist and a nudist. Unfortunately we are not allowed to go nude at beaches in LA though the girls here are going topless much more often without being bothered. The micro G-string offers me as close to nude as I can get and still have no problems at the beach unless having men hit on you all day is a problem. I take it as a complement.

spandex men's swimwear