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One of the things I find most fun about my spandex men’s swimwear collection is the breadth of the different styles. Unlike wearing baggy surf shorts where the choices are long, longer, longest with spandex men’s swimwear your spectrum of choice is absolutely huge. Let’s take a look at the different types and designs I have in my own rather large collection of swimwear designs but first let me give you a little back-round on where I started. I am a Southern California boy who for the first part of my life into my teens would wear nothing but surf shorts that is until I was forced to wear Speedos while trying out for the high school swim team. From the moment I slipped on my first little red Speedo I have been in love with spandex men’s swimwear. The way the spandex molds to your body and since we are all adults here the way the spandex feels pressed tightly against my penis is just incredible.  From the first time I put on a Speedo bikini I could no longer understand why anyone would wear those baggy shorts with spandex suits being so much more comfortable, looking so much sexier and best of all they were awesome to bodysurf in. As I got more and more into wearing spandex swimwear I naturally tended to go with smaller and smaller designs. I just loved the way the girl’s tans looked after wearing a string bikini, thong of G-string and after a trip to Europe with my family seeing so many men at the beaches we visited there wearing the hottest little styles I decided to take the plunge. My parents were not thrilled about it but they were open minded, my mom even helped me find some suits in France where she purchased for me my first thong and my first string bikini. Those suits started a long love affair with micro swimwear designs of which now I have a collection of hundreds. My first suits were very interesting to wear. I had to trim my pubic hair so everything looked good while wearing  my Speedo but when I tried my new suits on while we were in Europe my mom said if you are going to wear bikinis as small as what your sisters are wearing you are going to need to groom like they do. I had noticed before that many of the boys on my swim team completely shaved their pubic hair and though I was nervous about doing it that was the price that needed to be aid in order to wear extremely micro swimsuits and so with razor in hand I headed to the shower to shave it all off. That was years ago and it has been off ever since. In fact I enjoyed being hair free so much that I ended up doing a number of laser sessions and now I have virtually now re-growth.


Are You Ready for Spandex Men’s Swimwear?

With summer just around the corner for many places and already in full swing for other areas, it is mostly time for you to purchase some spandex men’s swimwear. The question is whether or not you are ready for it. What that means, essentially, is do you feel that your body will look impressive and sexy in it. Of course, you might need to do a bit of work on yourself if you want to appear the best that you can be when showing off a lot of bare skin. That will not be a huge problem, though, especially if you have been sort of taking good care of yourself all along. Nothing will be any different for you as you are already familiar with a workout regimen as well as eating a healthy diet. All you need to do is strip and take inventory of your naked body in a full length mirror. Be brutal about what you see there. Then you will understand what steps you need to take to look great in your spandex swimsuit.

Nothing Compares with Spandex Men’s Swimwear

When it comes time to do some swimsuit shopping, nothing compares with spandex men’s swimwear, and there are plenty of men all over the world who will testify to that very fact. Spandex is one of the best fabrics ever made when it comes to swimsuits due to the endurance as well as comfort of it against your skin. There are plenty of choices these days when shopping for swimwear crafted from spandex. You can find bikinis, micro bikinis, thongs and even G-strings in the form of swimsuits and they are all made from spandex. Men swear that this is the most comfortable material they have ever slipped onto their bodies. It also serves a dual purpose in that it can be worn as underwear as well as a swimsuit. In fact, guys can wear their spandex swimwear under their street clothes to work and head to their favorite swimming venue at the end of the day without even having to go home to change into a swimsuit. Now what could be better than that?  Once you try it, you will never look back at those other old swim suits that you always felt that you needed to wear in the past.