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Everyone is Wearing Spandex Men’s Swimwear

Some of the best spandex men’s swimwear you can find these days are being worn by guys you never would have thought would be wearing something like this out in public. It used to be a sign of wealth for guys to wear swimwear of this nature and now there are guys from all walks of life wearing them. You have probably seen guys walking around at work that are wearing spandex men’s swimwear out to the beach on the weekends, but did not know about it because they travel out of town and they feel that people would make fun of them. The thing is that no one is going to make fun of them if they are enjoying themselves and there is no better way to enjoy a day out in the sun than wearing these swimwear designs. Sometimes, you must put yourself out there and live in the moment to truly feel alive and spandex can definitely help you do just that.

Having Fun in Spandex Men's Swimwear


I love wearing spandex men’s swimwear whenever I get the chance. There is something so comfortable about wearing this type of swimwear that I do not know if I could ever go out to the beach again if I did not have it. I know that sounds a little extreme to say that I would never go to the beach again without wearing something made from spandex, but that is exactly how I feel. I have even thought about what my life would be like without spandex being involved in it and I did not really like what I was coming up with when I did.

Most people know that spandex men’s swimwear is nothing new. In fact, there are so many guys wearing this type of swimwear that it would be difficult to go outside and not see a guy wearing some kind of spandex. What most people are not aware of is the rather large amount of designs that are available. While just about every person you meet on the beach might be wearing spandex, not very many of them are going to be wearing the types of spandex that I normally look for online.

If you really want something to turn heads on the beach, buying your spandex men’s swimwear online is the perfect way to go. For anyone that has never looked for spandex items online, you should probably be aware that you are going to be seeing some things that may shock you. There are a lot of designs that you will love and quite a few that you will probably not be allowed to wear out in public. The good news is that you can choose the styles that you want to shop for and even pick up a pair or two that you can wear around the house or in the bedroom just for the fun of it. You never know what you might find that can turn an off night into a night of hot fun.

Koala Men’s Swimwear Compares to None

When the time comes around that you need new swimwear, there are various factors that you seek. Ordinarily, that might make for a very stress filled shopping spree but doing it through Koala men’s swimwear will make finding that perfect swimsuit all the easier. Only the latest styles of swimsuits as well as the highest quality will be found here. If you are not familiar with this website, you are in for an exciting and very pleasure filled treat. While swimwear makes up the majority of the items that you will find there, other items are also offered. These items include such things as cock chastity cages, penis pouches and other specialty items that are trademarked by Koala. One of the reasons that Koala is so successful is their complete dedication to only produce and sell top of the line men’s wear. They want their customers to enjoy the items that are purchased from them and go out of the way to do that.

Granted, Koala men’s swimwear was initially the starting point for this website. As men began to request more items that were a bit difficult to find in a physical shop, the owner of Koala listened, He wanted to be able to provide these various items such as butt plugs and totally    unique and barely there swimsuits. Then, they branched out to fetish wear, including the Ass Spark, which was developed by Koala and is sold exclusively under their name. As you browse the amazing styles of swimsuits, you might also want to have a look at the other options that are available. Some of these could be life changing for you.

If you are still not convinced that Koala men’s swimwear is the best option around in both style and affordability, you should do yourself a huge favor and order just one at first. There is no doubt that once you try that first swimsuit, you will become a repeat customer. In fact, you may also decide to sample a few of the other items available to enhance your sexual pleasure. Just taking a small stroll on the wild side can make all the difference in your sex life and how you manage it. All it takes is taking that first step. Try it and you will see.

Hitting the beach


I was nervous the first time I tried wearing spandex men’s swimwear to the beach. Surf shorts were my regular go to swimsuit until my girlfriend Andrea bought me a sexy European style bikini as one of my birthday girts. If anyone else would have given it to me as a gift I don’t think I would ever had worn it in public but because Andrea than my new very hot girlfriend bought it I really had very little choice in the matter. I did not want to upset her so I decided to first get a tan in my backyard and get rid of my boxer short style tan.  Right when I got it Andrea wanted me to try it on. I slipped it on and she said we are going to need to do something about all that hair. In retrospect I think she wanted me to wear a bikini because she wanted to trim my pubic hair. She was completely shaved and I loved the way that looked and as it turned out she wanted me to look the same. My pubic trim turned out to be a total shave! It was a shook to see myself completely bare down there for the first time since I was a kid but there were a couple benefits. First it totally turned Andrea on and we had our best sex (up to that time) ever. Next having no hair made my cock look substantially larger and the bikini looked very nice and my new smooth body. Luckily I have olive skin color which allowed me to get rid of the old tan line in just a few days. Hitting the beach was another story. Andrea assured me that I looked great in my little European bikini but it felt so brief. To put things in perspective is was maybe a third of the size of a Speedo bikini, I think it was every bit as small as Andreas. I have read about other men trying spandex men’s swimwear for the first time and stating that they almost felt nude and I find that statement to be right on the mark. I did feel very exposed and without question I was wearing the smallest swimsuit of any other man on the beach. Andrea talked me into taking a long stroll and I noticed how many women were checking me out as did Andrea. I told you, you look great in that suit and I am sure you notice all the other ladies checking you out. I was sold on the concept of spandex men’s swimwear and I have never gone back to wearing anything larger than a bikini to the beach. Quite often I will wear a thong or a G-string if Andrea wears one too!

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