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I was nervous the first time I tried wearing spandex men’s swimwear to the beach. Surf shorts were my regular go to swimsuit until my girlfriend Andrea bought me a sexy European style bikini as one of my birthday girts. If anyone else would have given it to me as a gift I don’t think I would ever had worn it in public but because Andrea than my new very hot girlfriend bought it I really had very little choice in the matter. I did not want to upset her so I decided to first get a tan in my backyard and get rid of my boxer short style tan.  Right when I got it Andrea wanted me to try it on. I slipped it on and she said we are going to need to do something about all that hair. In retrospect I think she wanted me to wear a bikini because she wanted to trim my pubic hair. She was completely shaved and I loved the way that looked and as it turned out she wanted me to look the same. My pubic trim turned out to be a total shave! It was a shook to see myself completely bare down there for the first time since I was a kid but there were a couple benefits. First it totally turned Andrea on and we had our best sex (up to that time) ever. Next having no hair made my cock look substantially larger and the bikini looked very nice and my new smooth body. Luckily I have olive skin color which allowed me to get rid of the old tan line in just a few days. Hitting the beach was another story. Andrea assured me that I looked great in my little European bikini but it felt so brief. To put things in perspective is was maybe a third of the size of a Speedo bikini, I think it was every bit as small as Andreas. I have read about other men trying spandex men’s swimwear for the first time and stating that they almost felt nude and I find that statement to be right on the mark. I did feel very exposed and without question I was wearing the smallest swimsuit of any other man on the beach. Andrea talked me into taking a long stroll and I noticed how many women were checking me out as did Andrea. I told you, you look great in that suit and I am sure you notice all the other ladies checking you out. I was sold on the concept of spandex men’s swimwear and I have never gone back to wearing anything larger than a bikini to the beach. Quite often I will wear a thong or a G-string if Andrea wears one too!

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