Spandex men’s swimwear on vacation

Did you know it is a fact them men are willing to try much more risqué styles of spandex men’s swimwear on a vacation than they would do at home. The interesting aspect of this is that many men end up falling in love with the hot bikini, thong and micro short styles that are offered in spandex men’s swimwear. Wearing a tiny bikini is a big step for most men but a much easier step to take if you are away from friends and family on vacation with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. It is also a proven fact that women tend to wear more risqué swimwear styles on vacation than at home. More often than not men who try wearing these hot styles end up staying with them long after the vacation is over. Men that switch from boxer style swimsuits or Speedos to micro shorts and bikinis almost never go back  to wearing a larger suit and if anything tend to go on to wearing smaller designs. There are many men that wear a bikini as a cover-up for a Thong. The bikinis men wear these days are about the same size as what the ladies wear which is far smaller than a Speedo. Most people no longer refer to Speedos as bikinis but as briefs. As far as I am concerned anything with a waist band wider than 1.5” is no longer a bikini. Most of the bikinis I wear are string bikinis that are ¼” or less in the waist band. The same goes for the thongs I wear I prefer ¼” or smaller with extreme micro pouches that keep my pouch looking small and sexy. The first time I tried switching from regular surfer style shorts to wearing a bikini was on a trip to Mexico. My girlfriend at the time surprised me with the smallest men’s swimsuit I had ever seen, I actually thought it was a sexy suit she was going to wear. It took some wheeling and dealing to get me to wear it, that and some shaving too which she did to me after some other fun things. It was a trip being out on the beach in something so small that I thought only women wear things like this. The fact was after the first time out I was hooked, she had created a spandex monster. I am no longer with the same girl but my wife still loves seeing in a sexy swimsuit!