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There are few beaches in the world where you would see more extreme and more interesting spandex men’s swimwear designs then the ones you will spot at Venice Beach in California. Venice has always been known as a hot spot for viewing wild women’s swimwear styles and there are still many ladies going topless wearing almost nothing downstairs. The spandex men’s swimwear scene at Venice beach has absolutely exploded over the past few years. Most people are familiar with Venice Beach for its world renowned boardwalk. There are lots of entertainers, freaks, surfers along with tens of thousands of tourists and locals. Most are there to people watch on the boardwalk but they are missing the best part of the show especially during the spring and summer months. Beach weather at Venice brings out some of the most amazing swimwear designs on the planet many of which are created and manufactured in Los Angeles and first introduced to the world at Venice. I have seen men wearing swimwear designs that might just be unimaginable at most beaches. Ready to do some serious spandex people watching there is no better place than Venice. Men wearing micro bikinis, incredibly small thongs, G-strings with penis shaped pouches, sheer swimsuits and shorts (and I do mean completely sheer!) men wearing swimsuits that change them into women and so much more. Bring a beach chair and an open mind, you will not be disappointed. The best show is on the beach!

Spandex men’s swimwear transformation fun

Some people might be extremely surprised to know that one of the hottest trends in spandex men’s swimwear is the feminization of men. There are entire lines of spandex men’s swimwear designs built around the concept of making the wearer appear female when viewed from the front pouch of the swimsuit. Some of these styles give a completely flat smooth female pouch look while some of the most popular styles recreate the look of a camel toe vagina reshaping the penis in a realistic way that blows away both the guys wearing them and the people around you at the beach or that radical pool party. Getting in touch with your feminine side is just as normal as being in touch with you masculine side. These designs are used by all different types of men, transgender people, cross-dressers and an amazing number of gay, straight and bi-sexual men that are interested in actually feeling female. I have added male to female transformation designs into my personal collection of spandex men’s swimwear designs. I tend to split my beach tan time 50/50 between micro pouch thongs/bikinis and feminizing transformation thongs/bikinis. One day I proudly am showing off my rather small but frisky bulge in a tiny thong and the next day I’m in a male to female transformation thong, camel toe style and you would swear I have a vagina in fact to my own eyes and at given time my brain it feels that I am completely feminine while wearing these extremely hot styles. I might go as far as saying they are now my favorite styles to wear. It is mind blowing how comfortable they are since you would never guess that having your penis reshaped to a vagina would feel as good as it does!

Onto the beach in style!

I love going to the beach in style wearing spandex men’s swimwear bikinis that are as small as what my girlfriends all wear. Wearing tiny men’s beach bikinis or micro bikinis as they are often referred makes a real statement in many ways. It is a fashion statement first and foremost one that shows you are in tune with the world view of men’s fashion. It is a body statement showing you are comfortable in your skin. Most of us do not look like the amazing models on the website and magazine pages, we are not photo shopped and perfect but we are willing to show more skin than most men because we can. Wearing micro spandex men’s swimwear makes the statement that we are equals with women in the quest to fulfill our sensual nature. We make the statement of confidence because we are in fact confident in ourselves enough so to go almost nude in front of so many people in fact we enjoy it! We make the statement that we are fun and exciting we are not followers but leaders willing to take chances and make changes to the status quo.  It’s is amazing what a tiny bikini swimsuit can do for your world. Are you ready to join in the movement?