Spandex men’s swimwear and bikinis

I wanted to talk about a new bikini I just ordered and received a few days ago. It is by far the hottest bikini I have ever had and even though it was the last week of March when I received it here in Los Angeles we were having a summer like day. There are many amazing spandex men’s swimwear designs with all my personal favorites being micro style swimsuits. The smaller the tan line the happier I am! Most of the time I wear a thong because I like getting a great butt tan but there are times even I don’t want to be so completely exposed. The day I received my new bikini “The male Room” by Koalaswim my boyfriend and I were taking his parents who were in on vacation to the beach. Even in Los Angeles we rarely get 80 degree beach days in March so we figured why not show off the beach to his landlocked mid-west parents. The Male Room is very skimpy and in every sense is a micro swimsuit but it offers almost full rear coverage with just a little exposed cheek which I figured would be perfect around his parents knowing they had probably never seen a guy wearing such a tiny swimsuit. The day was beautiful and Steve’s parents had a fantastic time with us, Steve’s dad Jim was blown away by my tiny swimsuit and wanted one for him-self. Jim is in is sixties but as the body of a twenty year old, one that is in great shape. I think I am going to send him one as a gift!

Spandex bikini swimwear for men
Spandex men's swimwear

The spandex men’s swimwear styles of today are nothing like your dad’s Speedos. Don’t get me wrong I like Speedos and I think they are fine for swimming laps at the gym but not for getting a tan on the beach, look fabulous around the hotel pool or being the center of attention at the next big pool party. When it comes to real fashion swimwear for men there is nothing like the bikini. Bikinis have long been the go to suits for European men but are really coming into their own for men here in the states. There are many reasons why bikinis have become the “go to: design of choice and why they keep getting more and more extreme with swimwear manufactures trying to out-do each other. The fact is there is so much you can do with spandex men’s swimwear styles that you could never do with plain shorts. My take on the bikini craze is that men are still not at ease enough to wear thongs or G-strings in most of the country though obviously there are very popular at most big city beaches. Working with the bikini gives designers a great starting point to get men interested in wearing these very sexy designs. First men are comfortable with seeing women wearing them and there is enough coverage on the most conservative men’s bikinis to cover everything. What nice about working with bikinis for men is that you can keep making them smaller and smaller. Less rear coverage, smaller front pouches, different shape front pouches, hybrid designs mixing bikinis and thongs. If you start with men wearing full bikini designs and get them used to wearing them it is an easy transition to having them wear smaller and more revealing designs. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many different style bikinis available now. Men that are not quite ready to make the change to thongs are wearing ever so micro bikinis and many of these designs are virtually as small as thong, some with extremely small front pouch designs.

Spandex men’s swimwear


My collection of spandex men’s swimwear designs is large by any means of measurement. I have hundreds of spandex bikinis, thongs, G-strings and micro shorts. I have completely sheer spandex men’s swimwear designs along with suits that are partially sheer and show much more than the viewer is aware he/she is seeing. Over the years my swimsuits keep getting smaller and smaller. Included in my collection are pouches that just cover the equipment with some of the designs sporting the actual shape and size of the penis, I will wear a thong or G-string to both the beach and over to friends pools and parties. My body is tone and tanned with virtually no body fat something which I work hard at with both exercise and good eating habits. Many of the guys I know think some of the suits I wear are to feminine but that said they see how easy it is for me to meet new girls while wearing them and I have talked more than a few of them into wearing bikinis and thongs, another thing I am proud of since I feel most men should be wearing spandex swimwear. Men’s spandex swimwear styles are a great way to show off your body and remember you do not need a perfect body to wear these hot designs you just need the confidence to take the first step. I started by wearing Speedos but right away I felt they covered too much and were not as stylish as I would like so I turned to high fashion bikinis and from there I kept going to smaller and smaller designs. On occasion I enjoy going to nude beaches but the truth is the tiny styles I wear create more interest than being nude!

Taking the plunge! Find the spandex men's swimwear that is perfect for you!

The water is getting warm at the beaches in Los Angeles which happen to be my favorite spots for wearing a micro thong and hitting the surf. My favorite beach is Venice and it has an international flair to it. This weekend I spent both Saturday and Sunday there. I had on a thong smaller than most folks could imagine in fact it was smaller than any of the girls on the beach and there were some pretty small thongs.  The reaction people have when seeing me wearing my micro thongs are almost always positive. Sure you get the teenagers giggling who are so ill at ease with their own bodies let alone someone else who is just about nude but other than that I end up having a lot of men and women come up to me and ask about my swimwear. Just this weekend I had two guys from France, one from Great Britain and a couple of girls from Italy asking where I got them from, I tell them  all my swimsuits are from which is based out of Los Angeles but I know they ship all over the world. I always have local guys coming up and talking to me about how small my thongs are, most are just hitting on me but many are interested in trying the very extreme designs that I am so passionate about.

Me wearing a Male Room bikini by Koalaswim

Sheer spandex men's swimwear