Spandex men’s Swimwear for the beach


I live in Los Angeles and we have many different beaches. Some tend to be surfer beaches, some are family beaches, some are known as gay beaches and so on. The one thing I have noticed over the past few years is that men wearing skimpy swimwear including G-strings and tiny thongs are no longer just at the gay beaches and I think that’s awesome. I hit a particular stretch of beach in Venice and I had been thinking about wearing something smaller than a Speedo but I was a little nervous about it. Then I started seeing more and more men wearing them and though the times right I am going to get myself a thong. There are lots of sexy spandex men’s swimwear designs but I figured if I was going to do it I would do it all the way. We have a company here in LA called Koalaswim and they make the most extreme swimwear designs on the planet. I wanted part of that so I ordered a few. When I received them I realized that what worked for me wearing a Speedo would not work on these suits. Step one was to shave off all my pubic hair since these thongs just barely cover the penis. It was enough coverage to be legal at our beaches but really the penis was just barely covered and in one of the suits the shape was clearly on display. So shaving it all was a must followed by spending a few days getting sun in my backyard before hitting the beach. I have a very trim muscular body. I’m middle aged but I know the suits look good on me but even still I had a few boyfriends and girlfriends check them out. Sexy was the word across the board.

Get your spandex on!


Its summer and you have been dreaming of wearing a skimpy bikini to the beach or that next pool party. Maybe your dreams are a little more risqué and you are willing to go all out and try a thong, maybe a micro thong. One of the rules I live by is that worrying about something is more work than actually doing it. Lots of men want to try wearing spandex men’s swimwear and in fact it is a natural desire to want to try on a skimpy bikini. It is so much easier just to pick out something sexy rather than to try to figure out the best time to make the transition from boring to hot and sexy. There are so many designs when it comes to spandex men’s swimwear and your biggest concern should not be who will see you wearing that tiny little bikini, or will I get an ejection that people will see (you might the first time out because the look and feel of bikinis and thongs are extremely exciting but that over stimulation leaves once you get used to wearing so little) is my penis too small or too large to wear a spandex suit? The answer is no to both because the designs offer so much compression, this is even more the case with micro designs that the size of your penis is almost meaningless. Guys with tiny bits of equipment look as sexy as anyone else and men that are spectacular and large, look spectacular in men’s spandex. Many men wonder and worry about how it will feel to be wearing so little. The point is stop being so concerned about all the, what ifs, how to and how I will feel and just go for it. You will be amazed by the wonderful fit, feel and look of these very striking designs.

Yes, Speedos for Men Are Cool

I have seen a lot of guys wearing speedos for men when I was younger and I always thought they were weird for doing it. I just knew that every one of those guys was some kind of sick pervert and I did not want anything to do with them. I did my best to stay away from swimwear designs like that for as long as I could but that all changed a few years ago. I started wearing speedos myself and now I can understand why those guys were wearing them when I was younger. I did not think that I would ever be walking down the beach in a speedo yet, now, I actually look forward to it every weekend.

I think part of me saw that older guy were wearing speedos for men and I never wanted to be that old. I am not really old now but I have grown with age and I can say that these are some of the most comfortable swimwear designs I have ever worn. The best thing is that I can dive into a pool of water and not worry about losing my trunks. That alone should make more guys think about buying this type of swimwear.

I know that a lot of younger guys reading this will probably think that wearing speedos for men is not something that would look “cool” or whatever term they are using these days, but it does not matter. How cool you look or do not look is irrelevant when it is put up against the way you feel about yourself and how comfortable you are. If everyone only worried about how cool they looked, we would not have half of the comfort that we have these days, so stop and think about that for a moment. You need to realize that your happiness is much more important that what some stranger out there might think about you.

Loving spandex.



I love spandex men's swimwear the more extreme the better. I have a very large collection of suits, tights and shorts that I use all the time. My favorite swimwear designs are thongs and G-strings though I have quite a few bikinis and micro shorts to use when I am at beaches that do not allow men or women to show off their butts or if I am at mixed parties where there are kids. My partner and I live in Southern California and during the summer we host and go to lots of pool parties. I try to always keep a bikini with me just in case there are people there that are not as open minded as most of our friends and family are. I mention family because my sisters have ordered me some of my hottest swimsuits. They know I love spandex and they enjoy seeing my surprise when they get me something really sexy! Recently I thought I found an awesome new site but it turned out to be one of my favorite sites remade on a very cool new platform. The site is and they offer more extreme and risqué styles than any other site I have ever found. I love that all there suits, tights, shorts and other spandex designs are all made in the USA, Insanely great quality. Their new site is so much easier to navigate and find the things I l want to order. I appreciate that they finally set up categories so I don’t have to search through every item not that I mind seeing all the nude and almost nude models.

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Spandex men’s swimwear as underwear?


I can’t believe how many men are now using spandex men’s swimwear as their daily underwear. After all it is a great idea. There are so many more spandex men’s swimwear styles then there are spandex underwear styles. Men like having the choice of spandex for a number of reasons. Spandex is the ultimate fabric when it comes to working out. It offers incredible support and the designs come in so many different styles that are designed to give you different levels of support. Here in Los Angeles you can see many men at the beach using spandex men’s swimwear for beach yoga, running on the beach, playing volleyball and cross-fit training. Many of these exercises require extremely good support for the penis and these suits offer that in a number of different ways. You can get pouch style support and you can get suits with flatting style pouches, bulge pouches and other interesting and effective designs. Using spandex swimwear as underwear makes perfect sense when you take into account the fashion aspect of them. Swimwear designs can be absolutely beautiful and they are created for all to see them. The construction quality of swimwear is much higher than that of underwear, sure you are going to pay more for a quality or designer name spandex swimsuit but it is an investment in fashion. There is no fabric that feels better o to a man’s body than spandex. Spandex molds to your shape, offers support and you can get some extremely risqué designs including string bikinis, micro thongs, pouch only swimsuits and more.

Spandex men's swimwear
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