Spandex micro thong

Spandex men’s swimwear as underwear?


I can’t believe how many men are now using spandex men’s swimwear as their daily underwear. After all it is a great idea. There are so many more spandex men’s swimwear styles then there are spandex underwear styles. Men like having the choice of spandex for a number of reasons. Spandex is the ultimate fabric when it comes to working out. It offers incredible support and the designs come in so many different styles that are designed to give you different levels of support. Here in Los Angeles you can see many men at the beach using spandex men’s swimwear for beach yoga, running on the beach, playing volleyball and cross-fit training. Many of these exercises require extremely good support for the penis and these suits offer that in a number of different ways. You can get pouch style support and you can get suits with flatting style pouches, bulge pouches and other interesting and effective designs. Using spandex swimwear as underwear makes perfect sense when you take into account the fashion aspect of them. Swimwear designs can be absolutely beautiful and they are created for all to see them. The construction quality of swimwear is much higher than that of underwear, sure you are going to pay more for a quality or designer name spandex swimsuit but it is an investment in fashion. There is no fabric that feels better o to a man’s body than spandex. Spandex molds to your shape, offers support and you can get some extremely risqué designs including string bikinis, micro thongs, pouch only swimsuits and more.

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Spandex men's swimwear