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How hot are bikinis?

Bikinis for men have never been a hotter trend than they are right now! Spandex men’s swimwear designs are the cutting edge of fashion swimsuits and often you find bikinis leading the way. There are so many great reasons for this. First a spandex bikini swimsuit offers you just about as much sexy and  as great fit as G-strings, thongs and even the hot new micro shorts do yet give you enough rear coverage to feel confident no matter where you are at. Men’s bikinis are a common sight at the gym pool as well as at the beach but not all bikinis are created equally. Many people consider Speedos to be a bikini but in reality the Speedo is considered a brief and the fact is there is just too much coverage to consider them bikinis. Bikinis occupy a large swath of spandex men’s swimwear with designs that offer full rear coverage all the way down to 50% rear coverage and less. You can be showing a whole lot of butt and still be wearing a bikini that is made for the most crowded beach. When it comes to front pouch styles bikinis for men are all over the place. A pouch can cover not only the penis but the entire pubic area  and these designs are known as full cut bikinis. The much more popular option is the micro pouch designs that can cover a mostly shaved I.E trimmed front to and ultra micro which the wearer needs to be completely hair free since the pouch just barely covers the family jewels. Bikini waist sizes come in many shapes and sizes from a maximum of 2” wide at the waist all the way down to string bikinis that have tiny spaghetti straps that are just barley there.  Some of the best looking bikinis you will find in spandex men’s swimwear are the new wet look fabrics with ¼” side waist bands. These are slinky and sexy swimsuits that do require the wearer to be completely shaved but are so stunning they are worth the extra effort.

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sexy spandex men's swimwear
Spandex men's swimwear

Below is a male to female transformation style spandex men's swimwear designs.

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