Micro spandex brief style swimsuit by Koala
Spandex men's micro swimwear

Ready to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and extremely sexy? All these styles come from the Koalaswim collection of male to female transformation designs. They are not only incredibly sexy but they let you get in touch with your feminine side.

Trying something new when it comes to finding exciting spandex men’s swimwear is always an adventure in fun. I love shopping for swimwear online and in stores though finding the types of extremely skimpy swimwear designs I like is very difficult in store. Most of the suits I order are online and 99% of them fit me perfect because I order from companies I know make super high quality gear, that fits me correctly and I make sure they offer great photos of the swimsuit on real men at all angles. Without seeing a suit on a real model I find it impossible to be able to choose a suit, it is just too difficult to envision how a suit would look on my body without seeing it on a similar body. There are some stores in Los Angeles and Miami that I visit every now and then that offer some extreme designs like micro thongs, tiny shorts and G-strings. I have no issues at all trying on sexy swimwear in stores and letting the salesperson offer their opinion. I keep nice and tan, I am always shaved of waxed and I try to keep myself fit. When I am in stores most of the swimsuits they offer are for women and I can tell you that no matter what shape they are in most are eager to walk out wearing next to nothing to get the salesperson’s feedback. I think that is both wonderful and awesome that they have this amazing confidence and though at first I was shy I have grown to be able to present myself modeling swimwear in the stores just like the girls do, it’s very empowering. For those of you not willing to go all out like that keep in mind the very hottest swimwear designs for men are online anyway.

Spandex men's swimwear designs.
Spandex men's swimwear
Spandex swimwear for men

There is nothing like a day at the beach wearing a men’s micro swimsuit!


Spandex men’s swimwear designs are the most fun of any swimsuit styles to wear and be seen in. They look and feel great, they cover way less skin and they make you feel daring and alive. Many of the designs now on the market are extremely micro, many are smaller than the bikinis and thongs you see women wearing. Some of the most popular styles make the men wearing them look like ladies down there. The world is changing and swimwear styles are morphing with those changes. Spandex men’s swimwear is literally on the sharp edge of that trend. Wearing micro swimsuits puts you in the middle of a fashion revolution. There are few things more fun  and exciting than that.  

Spandex Men’s Swimwear

If you have never heard of spandex men’s swimwear, then you must have been living with your head buried in the sand. Spandex swimwear for men has been around for years. You really need to try out some of these swimsuits for yourself. Once you find out everything that you have been missing, you will never want to wear any swimwear that has not been created using spandex. There are so many excellent features attributed to this fabulous fabric that it is not surprising that men’s swimsuits have become wildly popular. Guys love the way it molds to their body types and the way it just seems to breathe along with wearers. Nothing has been able to come close to offering everything that spandex does, which is the reason that swimsuits created from spandex have only become more popular all the time. All it takes is slipping into a spandex swimsuit and you will be hooked. 

Swimwear for Men

There are a lot of different designs of swimwear for men these days and you might find it a bit difficult to choose which ones you should try out first. I know I had a very difficult time when I decided that I wanted to wear something a bit different from everyone else on the beach. Every time I went out, I had to see these guys wearing the same retail chain brand of swimwear and it made me realize that people don’t really care about quality anymore. There used to be a time when quality was the foundation of someone’s business. If you had shit quality, there was a very good chance that you weren’t going to make it very long.

These days everything rides on how much you can produce, and this is even true when it comes to things as simple as swimwear for men. Mass production of swimwear may not seem like the downfall of humanity to most people, but if we can’t even take something like this seriously than what are we all doing on this planet? I can understand mass production of certain things sure, but not something like this. Swimwear is supposed to be personal and the better it fits the better you feel, at least that is how I see it anyway.

I feel that buying your swimwear for men from a reputable designer is way better for you and the people around you than by getting them at some overpriced store downtown. Not only are you going to be getting better quality, but the designer will work with you to make sure the swimwear you are buying is going to fit your body perfectly. Doesn’t that sound way better than strolling around in something that 90% of all the guys on the beach are wearing at the same time? I would rather stick out and have people whisper about me behind my back than deal with looking like everyone else on the beach.


Spandex Mens Swimsuit

I bought a new spandex mens swimsuit last month and I am so excited to take it out to the beach for the first time. I know that I will be the sexiest man in the world when I step out on that beach even if no one says anything or even looks in my direction. I am not one of those people that cares what others think in regard to what I am wearing anyway. I feel that if people are so bored with their own life that they have to make rude or unsolicited comments about something that I am wearing then I have brighten their life up just a little bit. You know they are going to be talking about you to all of their friends by the end of the week anyway so I might as well make it a good story, right?

I do make sure that the spandex mens swimsuit designs that I choose can be worn safely in public though. The last thing I need in my life is to get arrested or ticketed by the police for wearing something that I should have kept at home. I do have plenty of designs that I should keep at home too so that gets a little hard from time to time, but I manage to stick with it. I have seen other guys walking around in things that I would be too scared to wear in public and they always end up getting into trouble of some kind. I just don’t want to risk it that much if you understand that.

Now, if I lived in an area that had a beach that was more flexible with its rules, I would be wearing the sexiest of spandex mens swimsuit designs that I could find. I would love to be able to wear them other places than in my own home after all. For now, though, I will keep living my life the way that I have been for the last few years and I am perfectly okay with that. I am also okay with being able to wear my sexier options around the house every chance that I get.


Men's Spandex Swimwear

If you aren’t walking around in men's spandex swimwear than you really aren’t living your life to the fullest. I know this to be true because I am wearing that kind of swimwear and I am living my life to the fullest every single day. In fact, I am writing this on a private jet headed for Ibiza right now and couldn’t be happier. I was sitting on the beach when the individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) came up and started talking to me. I freaked naturally and asked for an autograph when they countered with an invitation to a party.

I said yes to the party even before knowing where it was because things like this only happen once in your life and if you pass up these types of opportunities than you aren’t living your life at all. It turns out that this individual really likes the look of my men's spandex swimwear and that is the main reason that I got invited. They were in the process of starting up a swimwear competition and I was invited to represent the person that invited me along. This is the type of thing that can happen to you if you are careful enough to think ahead of time and wear something fantastic to the beach every single day.

Just imagine what your life would be like if you were asked to fly off to someplace amazing because you were wearing men's spandex swimwear that made you look amazing. And yes, I did think about the consequences that could happen if the person I am with turns out to be a psycho and I never make it back home again. While that would suck big time, I am taking responsibility for my own life and I am perfectly fine with that. I would rather die living my life to the fullest than live hidden away from the rest of the world.

Spandex Briefs

I think it takes a lot of nerve for a guy to wear spandex briefs out in public for the first time. I'm not talking about the kind of briefs that you can purchase at any major chain store either. Those are essentially smaller versions of normal swimwear after all. I'm talking about those sexy little numbers that you have to purchase through obscure websites online. Those little beasts take a guy that is willing to really show off his body in ways never before seen in public. I know this because I have been wearing speedo designs like this for a few years now.

I'm not saying that I am special because I wear my spandex briefs out to the beach. But I am saying that I haven’t seen any other guys walking around in the designs that I am willing to wear. I think that makes me a bit different than all the other guys out there, at least at the beach that I like to hang out on. I have seen some guys starting to wear skimpier versions of regular swimsuits, but nothing comes close to the briefs that I am offering up to the world on a regular basis.

I think all guys should go out and buy a couple spandex briefs just to try them out. I bet that if all the men in the world actually tried wearing something like this they would end up loving them just like I do. Of course, that would mean that I would have to go out and find something even skimpier so that I could be different again. But if I got too much skimpier I probably wouldn’t be allowed to walk around in public anymore. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to find a local nude beach instead.