Spandex men's swimwear

Look Amazing in Spandex Men’s Swimwear

For those guys who want to look absolutely, drop dead gorgeous when they are out on the beach or lounging around a resort swimming pool, there is nothing better to accomplish that than spandex men’s swimwear. This amazing material will make even a man with a simply decent body look pretty close to god-like. There is just something about it that flatters a body whether it belongs to a man or a woman. It does not really matter. Maybe it is the fact that it molds itself to whoever is wearing it. Spandex seems to form almost an entire second skin because it is so flexible. Granted, any man can wear swimwear made of spandex but it needs to be acknowledged that those men with pretty large beer bellies are probably not going to be what others want to see. Spandex can create a pretty great look for most men but, let’s face it; it cannot create miracles. So before you decide to wear Spandex men’s swimwear, make sure your body is all it should be for the spandex to make you look amazing.

Koala men's spandex swimwear
Spandex men's swimwear by Koala

Spandex men’s swimwear comes alive!

I was at the major swimwear fashion show in Miami checking out the new designs being brought to the market in men’s swimwear fashion and specifically spandex men’s swimwear design.  As a swimwear designer I am so tired of the standard surf and board short designs and I figured that was what I would see the most of at this show but as it turns out I was pleasantly surprised! I was blown away by how many new bikini designs for men along with what might just be the hottest men’s swimwear trend of all; the micro short designs. Many major swimwear companies that in the past years have only offered baggy style shorts had a nice offering of bikinis, some of them fairly skimpy. That said they still have a long way to go to be cutting edge. Their offerings are not nearly as extreme as a company like One of the most interesting trends I am seeing for the new season is companies like Koala offering more micro shorts and more bikinis. The fact is not all men are willing to wear a thong or G-string even thought those designs are more popular than ever. Some men just will not go that skimpy or it might just be that jumping from baggy surf shorts to a barely there thong is too great a leap for most guys and a bikini is a nice starting point when switching to spandex men’s swimwear.

Spandex men’s swimwear

There is beauty in spandex men’s swimwear.

Most of the time when people are talking about spandex swimwear and beauty they are discussing women’s swimwear designs. After all the female form is incredibly beautiful and wrap in in a tiny little form fitting swimwear and you have the makings for a breathtaking visual. Spandex men’s swimwear is starting to be part of the conversation when it comes to swimwear and beauty after all the male form can be stunningly beautiful too. Men are starting to understand that slipping on a tiny little form fitting spandex men’s swimwear designs highlights the body showing it in stunning detail. Many of these designs reveal most if not all of the rear and there are many different pouch styles from full coverage showing a bulge all the way down to male form styles and micro pouch styles. Some are shaped exactly like that of a penis while other bulge style pouches show the complete outline of the package. These are lovely visual displays of male beauty. These styles suits have been seen on the beaches of Europe for years albeit not nearly as extreme as these newer styles coming out of the USA. One might expect the when men in the states bleatingly came around to wearing these very sexy designs they would go over the top and then some. Leave it to American men to break the old boundaries of what a man can wear once they actually got into wearing bikinis, thongs and micro shorts.

Spandex men’s swimwear made for action


It’s hard not to talk about how sexy spandex men’s swimwear looks on a nice fit body and actually I like the way it looks on most men. I enjoy the skin tight look and how it shows off the male form. That said one of the best aspects of spandex men’s swimwear is how awesome they are for beach sports. Many men wear Speedos to swim, surf, play beach volleyball and run on the beach but the new more exciting styles including bikinis, thongs and the tiny micro shorts are worthy of consideration when choosing a swimsuit designs for action. I have been bodysurfing all my life and wearing surf shorts until one day a friend of mine said you would have much better rides wearing a Speedo. I tried it and my rides were much faster and I was better able to catch larger waves without all the drag of the shorts. Recently I have noticed lots of guys wearing bikinis and some wearing thongs at the beach. There no doubt you get a much better looking tan-line wearing a bikini or a thong versus Speedos or shorts but I wondered how they would perform in the surf.  I decided to go all out and try wearing a thong. I have always liked the way they look and I could not believe how comfortable they are to wear. Once in the water my body surfing was better than ever in fact it almost felt like I was bodysurfing nude what an awesome feeling! My tan looks incredible and I even wear them while playing beach volleyball, I might even start wearing them on my beach runs even though that is kind of risqué. All in all the change-over to bikinis and thongs  as my go to action gear has been a perfect fit.