Spandex men's swimwear

Spandex men’s swimwear secrets


The biggest spandex men’s swimwear secret is how many men worldwide wear bikinis, thongs, micro shorts and even tiny G-strings. Spandex men’s swimwear fashions are the fastest growing part of the swimsuit business. Here in the USA it is growing faster in the major beach areas like Los Angeles, Miami and many of the Gulf States but it is a trend that is catching up a little slower in the mid west with the exception of Speedos which are more popular in the mid west than the beach towns. Since swimwear trends tend to flow from the big beach cities to the rest of the country it is highly likely bikinis and other sexier styles will be making their way to more and more men. One of the secrets that is pushing the trend of spandex men’s swimwear faster than ever is that guys are getting used to wearing spandex in public in many different ways. Many runners only wear tights to workout in and at gyms all over the country you are seeing more and more men wearing workout tights some with shorts over them but many wearing just tights and a tank. These men are becoming much more comfortable wearing spandex. While women have been wearing spandex for what seems like an eternity in many ways they are paving the way for men to wear spandex tights, swimwear and shorts. Take a walk on the beach and women are comfortable wearing next to nothing and the same goes for the gym. In the business we call that the next to nude effect and while most men have a little more of a bulge in the pouch area then women they are learning that it’s not a big deal to show a bulge whether in tights or swimwear.


Spandex men’s swimwear


Is there anything you can do at the beach that is more fun than wearing spandex men’s swimwear? Have you ever wondered why all the men wearing thongs, spandex micro shorts and bikinis always look happy? The simple answers are that wearing spandex men’s swimwear is as close as we can get to going nude on public beaches that is most public beaches.  Men unlike women are not used to wearing swimwear that fits like a second skin or that shows much skin so the first time you find yourself slipping on a sexy little bathing suit you will find it a rather arousing experience. No there is nothing wrong with you most men get an erection when they first try wearing a thong, bikini or even a Speedo if it is new to you. It feels so good. Almost like a sexual experience, short of having sex on the beach nothing feels quite as good. Spandex men’s swimwear will almost always show off your equipment and it makes little different how small or large it is people love to look. This brings out the exhibitionist in many of us even if being an exhibitionist is something we never considered ourselves. It’s all part of the fun.

Summers over now where?

If you are anything like me, a true spandex men’s swimwear lover you will not let something like the end of summer ruin your good times. I live in the North East and it seems like summer gives way directly to winter. I love winter it gives me a chance to wear spandex every day since I work out and run wearing spandex tights daily, sexy ones without wearing undies! I like to plan at least two vacations during the winter to someplace warm and sunny. Sometimes Hawaii and sometimes the Caribbean but I would love to hear about more exotic locations that are friendly to guy wearing micro spandex men’s swimwear. I will not wear anything larger than a thong so you suggestions all need to be thong friendly spots. I would consider nude beaches but would prefer gay themed beach areas. I’m straight but I prefer gay beaches because no one minds me wearing such a small swimsuit and I do get a certain please having other men checking me out.